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Student Health Services

School Nurses

Each school has a school nurse assigned to the campus.  The school nurse operates the school’s health room.  The nurse administers minor first aid for illnesses and injuries occurring at school and maintains a record on each child.  However, students should be kept at home when they are sick, have a fever, or have undiagnosed rashes.  A child should be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school. 

School nurses are required to follow the SCDHEC School Exclusion List. It requires employees and students with certain illness and conditions to stay home from school. The complete list can be found on the SCDHEC website.

Other duties of the school nurse are as follows:

  • identify health problems that interfere with learning and assist families and schools to resolve them; 
  • work with students who have chronic illnesses to help them benefit from their education;
  • monitor the administration of medications;
  • assist with checking permanent records for complete medical records;
  • conduct health-related screenings as needed; and
  • provide health promotion activities as needed.

Health Room

Any student who becomes ill at school should request a pass from a teacher before reporting to the school nurse.  If an extreme emergency exists, however, the student should report directly to the nurse.  The nurse will contact a parent if the student needs to leave school.  If parents are unavailable and the illness or injury is such that immediate care is required, the school will arrange for the student to be taken to the doctor or to a hospital for treatment.  This action will not obligate the personnel of the school to assume financial responsibility for treatment.  Optional student accident insurance is made available at the beginning of each year. 

Under NO circumstances may an ill student remain in the restroom.

Medication at School

Prescription and over-the-counter medication CANNOT be given to students without parent permission.  The school nurse, principal or his designee(s) may administer prescription medication only by parental request.

If a student is required to take prescription medication during school hours, the student’s physician must complete the School District of Pickens County Request for Medication Administration and shall include the following information: (1) student’s full name, (2) name of medication, (3) times to be administered, (4) dosage, (5) possible side effects (if significant), and (6) termination date for administering the medication.  The School District of Pickens County Request for Medication Administration is available on the district Web site or from the school nurse.

Medications are not supplied by the school or by the school nurse.  All medication must be sent to the school in its original container.  Students are not to keep ANY medication--including vitamins or any other over-the-counter medicines--with them during the school day unless the student has an approved Permission of Medication--Self-Administration Outside of School Hours on School Grounds or at School Activities.

Students who must keep an inhaler or any other medication on their person for emergency purposes must receive written permission from an administrator.  If a parent sends medication to school along with written instruction but not a completed School District of Pickens County Request for Medication Administration, designated school personnel may administer the medicine as directed that day.  A medication permit must be completed by the parent for succeeding days when medicine is to be administered.  Both forms are available at the school and on the district Web site.

Parents should pick up all medications by the end of the school year.  Any medications that are not picked up by the last day for students will be destroyed. Forms to request medication administration at school, for self-administration during the school day, and for self-administration outside school hours can be found on the Forms & Publications--Medical Information & Medications page of the SDPC website.

Head Lice (Pediculosis)

When a student is determined to have head lice, the parent will be contacted to pick up the student from school.  The student may not return to school until he/she is treated with a special shampoo made to kill head lice.  Nits (lice eggs) should be removed from the hair to prevent a reoccurrence of the lice.  In addition, a second shampoo treatment may be necessary.  Parents should be aware that household items such as beds, linens, upholstered furniture, carpet, toys, clothing, hats, hairbrushes, and combs can be infested with head lice and will need to be cleaned to ensure extermination of the lice.  Upon return to school, the student will be checked for live lice/nits before the student is permitted to return to the classroom. 

Immunization Requirements

According to South Carolina state law, every student must present a valid South Carolina Certificate of Immunization showing the minimum immunization requirements at the time of school entrance.  If the student is entering from another South Carolina school, he/she must submit an immunization record at registration.  Students from out-of-state have thirty (30) days to comply.  Failure to comply will result in disenrollment.

Complete immunization information can be found on the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) website.

First Aid

Students who need first aid treatment should report to the school nurse.


School nurses conduct state-recommended screenings as time allows. Recommended screenings include vision, hearing, blood pressure, scoliosis, and BMI (body mass index) screening for various age groups.

If a parent has a concern, they may call the school nurse and request their student be screened at any time during the school year.


If a child has severe food or other allergies, parents should notify in writing the school nurse and the child’s teachers.  Written procedures for the school to follow in an emergency should be given along with a list of foods or items that the child needs to avoid.

The School District of Pickens County operates without discrimination on the basis of sex, religion, national origin, age, or disability
in compliance with Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, Section 504, and all other applicable civil rights legislation.
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